12th Week is here! – 2023 Fall Semester

Get ready for an enriching and eye-opening experience during our 12th-week event, specially designed to engage students and the wider community in the fascinating world of Applied Public Health Sciences. We’ve lined up three outstanding speakers, each addressing critical topics that resonate with today’s global challenges. You won’t want to miss this unique opportunity to expand your horizons and gain insights from renowned experts in the field!

📅 **Mark Your Calendar for November 7-9, 2023!**

📢 **Here’s a sneak peek at our phenomenal lineup**:

🗓️ **November 7th: Dr. Brooke Bennett**
🎙️ Topic: “Public Health and Advocacy for Eating Disorders: Current Efforts and Future Directions”
Join us as Dr. Brooke Bennett delves into the vital issue of Eating Disorders and the impactful advocacy efforts being made. Discover the current landscape and future directions in the fight against this public health challenge.

🗓️ **November 8th: Dr. Nancy McHugh**
🎙️ Topic: “Transformative and Responsive Community Engagement”
Dr. Nancy McHugh will shed light on the transformative power of community engagement in the realm of public health. Learn how communities can be the driving force for positive change and responsiveness.

🗓️ **November 9th: Pareesa Charmchi Goodwin**
🎙️ Topic: “Racism is a Public Health Crisis, and the State is Aiming to Address it”
Pareesa Charmchi Goodwin will address a topic of paramount importance: Racism as a public health crisis. Understand the state’s efforts to tackle this pressing issue and its implications for public health.

These thought-provoking discussions aren’t just informative; they’re a chance to engage with the forefront of public health research and advocacy.

Don’t miss this golden opportunity to be part of a meaningful conversation that can shape your perspective and career in public health. We look forward to having you join us for this exceptional event. See you there!