MPH Student Profiles

Aniella Fignon

Name:  Aniella Fignon

Degree: B.A. Anthropology, Human Rights, UConn

Goals:  My ultimate dream would be to land a fellowship working at a nonprofit legal or health organization that would allow me to develop and implement a Medical-Legal Partnership.

Advisor:  Zita Lazzarini, JD, MPH

Year admitted:  2016

I was a Medical-Legal Partnership Intern at the Center for Children’s advocacy (CCA) in Hartford, CT during the summer 2017. I was the Family Wellness Center (FWC) Program Coordinator and Project Manager & Administrative Assistant at Community Health Center, Inc. (CHC) in Middletown, CT (2014-2017). My extracurriculars include member of Public Interest Law Group, Event Coordinator at Veterans and Armed Forces Legal Outreach, Themis Bar Review Representative, Fundraising Coordinator at the Student Animal League Defense Fund, and Policy Co-Chair at the Health Interest Law Group.

My interests include hiking and scenery, cats, and podcasts.

Anna Larson

Name:  Anna Larson

Degree: B.A. Anthropology, Minor Psychology, UConn (2015)

Goals:  Hospital Administration and infection control

Advisor:  David Banach, MD, MPH

Year admitted:  2016

I currently work as the hiring manager for the state of Connecticut at ScribeAmerica, a contractor that partners with medical groups to pair doctors with medical scribes to help with charting.

Luis Pantoja

Name:  Luis Pantoja

Degree: B.S. Biological Sciences, UConn (2010)

Goals: I strive to one day be a Health Director in the state of Connecticut.

Advisor:  Jane A. Ungemack, DrPH

Year admitted:  2016

I was born in Utuado, Puerto Rico. I am currently working on my thesis, Barriers to Mammography Screening, in conjunction with Hartford Hospital's mobile mammography clinic. In addition, I am Central Connecticut Health District's Health Educator as well as a part-time professor at Central Connecticut State University in the Biomolecular Sciences department.

Ambika Sharma

Name:  Ambika Sharma

Degree: B.S. Nutritional Science, UConn

Goals:  To use my DMD/MPH to create policies expanding affordability and access to oral healthcare.

Advisor:  Jane A. Ungemack, DrPH

Year admitted:  2016

Lina Smith

Name:  Lina Smith

Degree: B.A. Sociology, Wheaton College, MA (2012)

Advisor:   Bonnie McRee, PhD, MPH

Year admitted:  2016

I currently work in the UConn School of Medicine coordinating first- and second-year medical school courses.

Precious Baker

Name:  Precious Baker

Degree: B.S. Health Science, Public Health, Minor in Gender Studies, Eastern Connecticut State University (2017)

Goals: My career goal is to graduate with my MPH and become a physician.

Advisor:  Stacey Brown, PhD

Year admitted:  2017

I currently work in an Emergency Department as a Patient Care Technician and I have a desire to continue working in the emergency medicine environment. I have a strong public health interest in environmental health and its relationship to health disparities. Clinically, I have a passion for emergency medicine, preparedness, disaster, and relief efforts.

I enjoy volunteering, TED Talks, PB & J sandwiches, traveling, and outdoors activities.

Kirsten Carew

Name:  Kirsten Carew

Degrees: B.S./B.A. Boston University (1989)

Goals:  My goals are to graduate with an MPH by 2020 and obtain a position working in research and study of the epidemic of childhood obesity.

Advisor:   Helen Swede, PhD

Year admitted:  2017

I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling, exploring the National Parks, going to the beach and skiing.

Michael Craven

Name:  Michael Craven

Degree: B.S Pathobiology, Minor Molecular Cell Biology UConn.

Goals:  I would like to work as an Epidemiologist.

Advisor:  Helen Swede, PhD

Year admitted:  2017

I am a CPHA Member. I enjoy hiking and woodworking.

Mauro Diaz-Hernandez

Name:  Mauro Diaz-Hernandez

Degree: B.A. Anthropology and Sociology, Amherst College (2014)

Goals:  My goal is to graduate from the MPH program by 2020. I am interested in the intersections between public health, climate change, environmental health, and health disparities, especially in coastal communities in the Gulf Coast region.

Advisor: Angela Bermúdez-Millán, PhD, MPH

Year admitted:  2017

I volunteer with the American Red Cross as a Disaster Responder. I am a member of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary and am working towards a leadership position in the Marine Environmental Protection division.

I enjoy traveling, photography, fishing, and cooking. I am a firm believer that New Orleans, LA is the best city on Earth and that summer clam and blue crab boils are the best way to meet new people - MPH students and staff are always welcome to join in!

Robert Romano

Name:  Robert (Bobby) Romano

Degree: B.S. Sports Biology, minor in Nutrition, Springfield College, MA (2014).

Goals: While earning my MD, I plan to take an enrichment year to develop heart failure screening tools using human tissue models.

Advisor:  Jane Ungemack, DrPH

Year admitted:  2017

I took two years between college and medical school to perform biomedical research in molecular medicine and coach my three younger brothers in high school football, as the offensive coordinator and strength & conditioning coach. I played college football at Springfield College where I studied biomedical sciences. I am very interested in a career in biomedical research as a physician.

I enjoy backpacking in national parks and traveling. I also enjoy jazz and live music.

Sorna Sarker

Name:  Sorna Sarker

Degree: B.S. Molecular and Cell Biology and Philosophy, UConn (2017).

Goals:  In the fall of 2018, I will be beginning the dental program at UConn Health. In the next few years, I hope to earn both my DMD and MPH and pursue a career in community health dentistry.

Advisor:   David Gregorio, PhD, MS

Year admitted:  2017

I am currently an AmeriCorps member working with the Eastern CT Area Health Education Center in Willimantic, CT. My service involves health education and health promotion, which are two things that I am very passionate about.

I enjoy attending plays, going to yoga and zumba classes, and spending time with my family and friends.

Ruth Shefraw

Name:  Ruth Shefraw

Degree: B.A. Urban and Community Studies, UConn (2016)

Goals:  Graduate with an MPH. Participate in a community health promotion, and disease prevention based research abroad. Obtain a position as a community health outreach educator.

Advisor:  Zhao Helen Wu, PhD

Year admitted:  2017

I enjoy traveling, going to the theatre and reading fiction books. I also like to volunteer at local community centers whenever possible.

no picture available

Name:  Carolina Vicens-Cardona

Degree: B.S. Industrial Microbiology, University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez (2014)

Goals:  My goal is to earn my MD/MPH degree.

Advisor:   Judy Lewis, MPhil

Year admitted:  2017

Sundari Birdsall

Name:  Sundari Birdsall

Degree: B.A. Art History, Oberlin College and Conservatory (2011).

Goals:  In the next 5 years, I hope to become an LCSW and to work in a hospital setting.

Advisor:  Jane Ungemack, DrPH

Year admitted:  2018

I was born in Hamden, CT and attended Hamden High School. After college, I moved to Colorado and wanted to become a nurse. I worked as a clinical assistant for 4 years at a women’s clinic that largely served undocumented women and monolingual Spanish-speakers, and this experience made me more compassionate and painted a picture of how intertwined policy can be with healthcare. While living in CO, I also volunteered for a rape crisis hotline and a nonprofit dedicated to fighting hunger and malnutrition. These experiences combined have encouraged me to pursue a Masters in Social Work and Masters in Public Health, instead of a nursing degree. While completing my degrees part-time,  I also work full-time for UConn Storrs in the Counseling & Mental Health Services department.

I play classical violin and teach yoga. I am also an adult beginner ballet dancer. In my spare time, I enjoy cooking healthy food, listening to podcasts, and riding my bicycle.

The name ‘Sundari’ comes from the Indian word for “beautiful".

Linda Casey

Name:  Linda Casey

Degrees:  BA, French with a concentration in Modern European Studies, Cornell University (1991).  MS, Management Information Systems, The George Washington University (1999).

Goals:  My career goal is to work in public health for an international organization.

Advisor: Helen Swede, PhD

Year admitted:  2018

I’ve spent over twenty years in various aspects of the information technology field, and have worked with many government and non-government agencies working to build solutions to solve problems and improve business processes.  I’ve studied three world languages and visited many countries as a tourist, including spending a year in Paris as a student.   I visited Haiti after the earthquake in 2012 on a mission trip and my eyes were first opened to the public health needs in a third world country.  I currently volunteer in a few different capacities with the homeless in Hartford, and am starting to get involved with the Underground to combat human trafficking.  Looking forward to leveraging the MPH and by background to make a tangible difference in public health with the most vulnerable populations.

Things I enjoy outside of work and school are to take walks, cycle, oil paint, bake (or rather re-learn how to bake since my celiac diagnosis!), and read.

no picture available

Name:  Stephanie Guralnick

Degree:  B.A. with distinction in Political Science, minor in Global Citizenship.

Goals: My goal is to combine quantitative analytical applications with my academic and personal interest in human rights to develop evidence-based, culturally-aware approaches to collaborative, rights-based public health interventions—to make systems-level improvements that protect and extend fundamental rights with integrity and respect for the individual. Specifically, my areas of interest include the decriminalization and treatment of addiction; reproductive rights; and addressing the corporatization and privatization of our food and water systems.

Advisor:  Angela Bermúdez-Millán, PhD, MPH

Year admitted:  2018

I am currently also enrolled in UConn’s Master of Public Administration program, and the Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Feminist Theory Graduate Certificate. I am a member of Pi Sigma Alpha.

My interests include social justice and human rights advocacy; food, cooking, and culinary competitions—my partner and I compete in (and have won!) regional chili competitions (we also binge-watch Top Chef when time allows); art; street art photography; culturally-immersive travel; exploring the outdoors with my dog, Stevie; snowboarding and really anything that involves adrenaline and adventure including free-diving with sharks!

Sarah Gwinn

Name:  Sarah Gwinn

Degree: B.S. Nursing, The College of New Jersey (2004).

Goals:  My career goals are to work full time for CTANG/DPH, Disaster Response and Epidemiology.

Advisor: Jennifer Cavallari, ScD

Year admitted:  2018

My background includes ICU, NICU, and Family Practice in Pediatrics, Active Duty Air Force and CT Air National Guard, and deployment to East Timor in 1999 and to South Korea in 1997.

I enjoy trail running with my dog.

Kwaku Ohemeng

Name:  Kwaku Ohemeng

Degree:  Chemistry, Princeton University (2015).

Goals:  My career goal is to earn an MD Degree.

Advisor:  Jane A. Ungemack, DrPH

Year admitted:  2018

I enjoy soccer.

Sadia Alam

Name:  Sadia Alam

Degrees: B.A. Chemistry, Western Connecticut State University (2017)

Goals:  My career goal is complete my MPH and become a physician. Also, help underserved communities in Bangladesh.

Advisor:  Helen Swede, PhD

Year admitted:  2019

My drive to pursue my career in public health does not come only from the experiences I have had, but also from the little girl who watched others in her village in Bangladesh grow ill from ailments that could have been easily cured by a medicine that they had little to no access to. I have a passion to work in communities with health disparities and the relationship at the community and organization level. I have had experience working as a medical scribe and a CNA, after which I knew with absolute certainty that I desire to work in that environment. As a medical scribe, at the Emergency Department, I was constantly fascinated with the number of unique cases that come into the ED.

I enjoy biking and exploring different types of food.

Teresa Allen

Name:  Teresa Allen

Degrees: B.A. Transylvania University (1982), M.D. University of Louisville Medical School (1988)

Goals:  I hope to do a residency in occupational medicine.

Advisor:  Zita Lazzarini, JD, MPH

Year admitted:  2019

My name is Teresa Allen, and I am a physician. I graduated from medical school in 1988. I then did my residency in Family Medicine for 3 years. I worked in the Emergency Department for 13-14 years. I also did many medical assignments on Indian Reservations in Nevada, Arizona and South Dakota. This actually began my interest in public health. For the last 13 years, I have worked in occupational medicine and my ultimate goal is to become board certified in occupational medicine for which I need a MPH degree. To date, I have already attained the certificate in Foundations of Public Health in May 2019.

I am an avid traveler.

Mansour Almnajam

Name:  Mansour Almnajam

Degree: MD Jordan University for Science and Technology (2012)

Goals:  My career goal is academic medicine.

Advisor: T. Greg Rhee, PhD, MSW

Year admitted:  2019

I graduated with my MD in 2012 in Jordan. Then I was an internal medicine resident at Tufts in Boston. Currently, I am a Cardiology fellow here at UConn Health.

I enjoy swimming.

Arminda Bici

Name:  Arminda Bici

Degree: B.S. Science, Charter Oak State College (2019)

Goals:  My goal is to teach dental hygiene.

Advisor:  Audrey Chapman, PhD, MDiv, STM

Year admitted:  2019

I am a registered dental hygienist and I have been passionate about learning and teaching. I love to educate my patients on improving their oral care.

I enjoy outdoor activities and spending time with my family.

Dae-zhane Boland

Name:  Dae-Zhane Boland

Degree: B.A. Urban and Community Studies, UConn (2019)

Goals:  To work for a non-profit.

Advisor:  Stacey Brown, PhD

Year admitted:  2019

I have worked at UConn Health Disparities Institute. I also have worked at the African American Cultural Center on the Storrs campus. I was also an honors student in undergrad.

I like to swim, dance, and eat.

no picture female

Name:  Shamira Chappell

Degree: Comparative Women's Studies (BioEthics), Pre-Med, Spelman College (2015)

Goals: My goals are to get my MPH and then an MD degree. My ultimate goal is to pursue a career as a pediatric neurosurgeon and potentially Surgeon General of the United States.

Advisor:  Zita Lazzarini, JD, MPH

Year admitted:  2019

I have committed the majority of my life to public service and civic engagement. My internships with state representatives in Connecticut and Georgia have created a formidable network. I have also spent the last four years of my life educating tomorrow's leaders in English, Science, and Algebra as an AmeriCorps member in Fort Worth, TX. My areas of interest are maternal mortality in women of color, public school education as public health issue, and transitional epidemiology.

I like to box, workout, cook, decorate, and teach.

Wayne Cole

Name:  Wayne Cole Jr.

Degree: B.S. Criminal Justice (Law Enforcement Administration), University of New Haven. Certification in Arson Investigation with minor in Fire Science. Certification in FBI Hostage/Crisis Negotiation

Goals:  My goal is to find meaningful employment upon retirement from DOC Service.

Advisor:  Alicia G. Dugan, PhD

Year admitted:  2019

I worked for the CT Department of Corrections for 18+ years as a Commander of the Department's Hostage Negotiation Team. I was a Union Steward for the Correctional Supervisor's Council and was a Design Team Facilitator for supervisor wellness.

I like to golf, coach youth baseball, and travel on vacation.

Kate Falotico

Name:  Katharine (Kate) Falotico

Degree: B.S.N. Western Connecticut State University (1998).

Goals:  To prepare to lead an Infection Program that is hospital based.

Advisor:  Bonnie McRee, PhD, MPH

Year admitted:  2019

I worked at UConn Health as an infection preventionist. I worked at Waterbury Hospital for two years as an infection preventionist. Before that, I was a bedside nurse for many years, taking care of patients with cardiac disease.

I have four children and am a girl scout leader. I am training for and also participating in triathlons.

Elizabeth Frenis

Name:  Elizabeth (Lizzie) Frenis

Degree: B.S. Business Administration, Healthcare Management.

Goals: To finish my MPH degree and use it to improve health in my everyday work.

Advisor:  David I. Gregorio, PhD, MS

Year admitted:  2019

I have volunteered at St. Mary's Hospital, worked at Aetna, and was a part of the UConn Healthcare Management Society.

I like to bake, travel, and am a dog mom!

Marta Holovatska

Name:  Marta Holovatska

Degree: B.S. Allied Health Sciences Honors, UConn (2019).

Goals: My goal is to earn an MD degree.

Advisor:  David I. Gregorio, PhD, MS

Year admitted:  2019

I like to run, cook, and spend time with my friends and family.

I was born in Ukraine.

Jennifer Jackson

Name:  Jennifer Jackson

Degree: B.S.N., RN, University of Rhode Island (2014)

Goals:  My goal after the completion of the MPH program is to work with domestic violence and sexual assault victims relating to programs, policy and research.

Advisor:  Zita Lazzarini, JD, MPH

Year admitted:  2019

I have been a RN for 5 years in RI and CT. I worked at CCMC.

I enjoy travel, cooking, and wedding planning.

Caleb Jean

Name:  Caleb Jean

Degree: B.S. Health Sciences, Springfield College (2018)

Goals:  My goal is to earn my Master of Public Health degree.

Advisor:  David I. Gregorio, PhD, MS

Year admitted:  2019

My past work and volunteer experiences are direct support of a professional, job coach, an outreach counselor, a case manager, and a soup kitchen volunteer.

I like to workout, watch movies, and study real estate.

Mitchel Jobble

Name:  Mitchel Jobble

Degree: B.S. Public Health, University of Saint Joseph (2018), Licensed Practical Nurse certificate in Healthcare Coordination (2018)

Goals:  I would like to start a non-profit organization to help people in Africa.

Advisor:  Angela Bermúdez-Millán, PhD, MPH

Year admitted:  2019

I am a Tuberculosis Control Specialist. I have a great passion for prevention.

I like to cook and listen to music.

Holly Labrecque

Name: Holly LaBrecque

Degree: B.A. Psychology & Neuroscience Honors, UConn (2019).

Goals: My goal is to work in academia after obtaining my PhD and continue researching early detection and intervention for children with neurodevelopmental disabilities.

Advisor: Tara Lutz, PhD, MPH, CHES

Year admitted:  2019

I am currently a LEND fellow at the UCEDD. In my undergraduate studies, I worked as a research assistant in Dr.Eigsti's developmental cognitive neuroscience lab where I conducted my honors thesis on the long term outcomes of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder. I was the President of the UConn Psi Chi chapter, the international honor society in psychology, and was a committee chair at the UConn Women's Center where I facilitated meetings centered on gender equity.

I enjoy running, hiking, and traveling. 

Joanee Mata

Name: Joanee Mata

Degree: B.S. Nutritional Sciences, Dietetics Concentration, UConn

Advisor:  Angela Bermúdez-Millán, PhD, MPH

Year admitted:  2019

I am an AmeriCorps Public Ally Alumni. I also enjoy working and collaborating with others to build community.

I enjoy hiking, dancing, and traveling.

no picture female

Name: Melissa McCann

Degree: B.A. Neuroscience, Wheaton College (2015)

Goals:  I would like to earn an MD and work in Pediatrics.

Advisor:  David I. Gregorio, PhD, MS

Year admitted:  2019

I have wanted to be a pediatrician since the 6th grade. During my undergrad, I studied neuroscience and public health. I studied abroad in Denmark, focusing on Medical Practice and Policy. Seeing health care through a different country's lens helped to encourage me to want to explore the roles of society, psychology, economics, education, politics, religion, etc. in providing and maintaining a healthcare system. I have had the privilege to volunteer as a camp counselor at Victory Junction Camp, a Paul Newman Children's camp for medically fragile children. I also volunteered as a summer intern at Connecticut Children's Medical Center in the Surgery Department. I am currently working as a volunteer EMT with Ellington Volunteer Ambulance Corps. I would love the opportunity to utilize MPH and MD degrees to work with my local community and one day work with Doctors Without Borders.

I enjoy reading, running, hiking, and traveling.

no picture female

Name: Jillian McNamara

Degree: B.S. Health Science, Merrimack College (2019)

Goals:  My goal is to work for the Department of Public Health.

Advisor:  Angela Bermúdez-Millán, PhD, MPH

Year admitted:  2019

I previously worked as a research assistant for a pilot waste study that was being conducted in the Boston Public Schools. I also interned at a home health care company in which I gained skills such as electronic medical records, ICD-10 coding, HIPAA policies, and data entry. What ultimately led me to fall in love with public health was my directed study, where I studied the influence of a parents decision in vaccinating their children.

I enjoy hiking or any outdoor activities and painting.

I'm so excited to begin my journey to my MPH at the Health Center!

no picture female

Name: Katherine (Katie) Merrick

Degree: Chemistry, Middlebury College (2017)

Goals:  To graduate from the DMD/MPH program and work in a community health center as a dentist.

Advisor: Jane A. Ungemack, DrPH

Year admitted:  2019

I am currently a dental student at UConn who became interested in public health due to involved with UConn's urban service track scholars program. I am from Vermont and hope to return to Vermont after school to be a dentist and address rural access-to-care issues.

I enjoy running, cooking, reading, and biking.

Patrick Muro

Name: Patrick Muro

Degree: B.A. Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, UConn (2014)

Goals:  To receive my MPH/MSW and work in the field of suicide prevention.

Advisor: Audrey Chapman, PhD, MDiv, STM

Year admitted:  2019

After receiving my B.A., I moved to Londonderry, Vermont. I worked at a Substance Use Prevention Organization for youth, first with AmeriCorps Vista and then as an afterschool and summer camp director.

I enjoy hiking, swimmimg, and playing with my dog.

Brianna Pintavalle

Name: Brianna Pintavalle

Degree: B.S. Public Health, Goodwin College (2018)

Goals:  My goal is to work for the state of CT Public Health Department

Advisor: Helen Swede, PhD

Year admitted:  2019

Kritika Shankar

Name: Kritika Shankar

Degree: B.A. Anthropology, UConn (2019)

Goals:  To complete my MD after working for a few years or get my PhD in epidemiology.

Advisor: Helen Swede, PhD

Year admitted:  2019

I have been involved with research at the Jackson Laboratory in wet lab and computational sciences.

I like reading and was part of the a cappella team at UConn.

Corra Telford

Name: Corrilicha (Corra) Telford

Degree: B.A. Psychology and Communications, UConn (2019)

Goals:  My goal is to work in public health, or get a PhD or JD.

Advisor: Stacey Brown, PhD

Year admitted:  2019

I have lived in the suburbs, countryside, and urban areas and in each of these areas, I looked around and saw how the environment affected population health. By being in each of these environments, I also realized the impact of low income and race as well.

I like to read, travel to Florida, and knit.

Isha Walawalkar

Name: Isha Walawalkar

Degree: B.A. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Boston University (2018)

Goals:  To pursue an MD and/or a PhD.

Advisor: Audrey Chapman, PhD, MDiv, STM

Year admitted:  2019

The original stimulus for my interest in public health was the 2011 Steven Soderbergh action thriller Contagion. Watching both Marion Cotillard's character as a WHO epidemiologist working to identify patient zero of the depicted viral pandemic, and Jennifer Ehle's portrayal of a research scientist working to develop an efficacious vaccine, cultivated my utter fascination towards the synergistic power of science and medicine in the field.

Of course I did not want my career aspirations to be motivated solely by a sensationalized Hollywood performance, so I nurtured this initial impetus by perusing the works of surgeon and prominent public health researcher, Atul Gawande. I interpreted his detailed and sometimes controversial summaries of why certain community health effort work while others do not as a personal call to action. What appealed to me most was that he defined innovativeness in public health efforts not by the predicted extent of their impact, but by the methods of their delivery to the targeted communities.

In the following years, I made a commitment to understanding the foundation of genetics and molecular biology through my undergraduate studies as well as my concurrent work in academic research labs. In order to maintain and develop my awareness of the workings of healthcare, I volunteered at hospitals and networked with physicians - trauma surgeons and emergency department veterans, alike - to understand their perspective on the state of the medical enterprise today as well as its trajectory in the future.

By working towards a master degree in public health, I aim to prime my knowledge of effective healthcare delivery for a potential career in medicine, and to help guide my interests in basic scientific research that could form the foundation for public health undertakings in the future.

I love learning languages, and am currently fluent in four: English, Marathi, Hindi and Spanish. I am working on my fifth - Russian! I shamelessly enjoy trying and devouring new foods, especially new flavors and cultural fusions. Latest find: Myers+Chang in the Boston South End. The only sport I follow is tennis, except during the olympics, because watching equestrian dressage every four years is somehow equally captivating. My go-to morning espresso drink experience: a quickly, yet delicately brewed and sipped cortado.

Connor Walker

Name: Connor Walker

Degrees: B.S. Pharmaceutical Sciences, UConn (2016), PharmD, UConn (2018)

Advisor: Audrey Chapman, PhD, MDiv, STM

Year admitted:  2019

I volunteered in Peru and had a pharmacy school rotation in Taiwan.

I enjoy hiking, traveling, and learning about new cultures.

Name Year Admitted Advisor
Brian Bielawiec 2016 Zita Lazzarini, JD,  MPH
Jameel Kassam 2016 Jane A. Ungemack, DrPH
Cory Loftis 2016 Jane A. Ungemack, DrPH
Adam Misiorski 2016 David B. Banach, MD, MPH
Jeffrey Necio 2016 Richard G. Stevens, PhD
Kaitlin Roane 2016 Bonnie McRee, PhD, MPH
Chevaughn Wellington 2016 Stephen L. Schensul, PhD
Miryam Wilson 2016 Jane A. Ungemack, DrPH
Mary Meinert 2017 Julie Robison, PhD
Hunter Smith 2017 Jane A. Ungemack, DrPH
Andrew Trinh 2017 Jane A. Ungemack, DrPH
Sarah Tuniewicz 2017 Helen Swede, PhD
Jenna Clavette 2018 Audrey Chapman, PhD, MDiv, STM
Mona Copeland 2018 Richard G. Stevens, PhD
Sherine Drummond 2018 Jennifer Cavallari, ScD
Caroline Eudy 2018 Helen Swede, PhD
Shanjida Jui 2018 Stacey Brown, PhD
Allison Nadeau-Shadon 2018 Stacey Brown, PhD
Maria Ortiz 2018 Jane A. Ungemack, DrPH
Kayla Theriault 2018 Jane A. Ungemack, DrPH
Clement Totimeh 2018 Angela Bermúdez-Millán, PhD, MPH
Franklin Ude 2018 Stacey Brown, PhD
Sandra Carpenter 2019 T. Greg Rhee, PhD, MSW
Hope Dejohn 2019 Audrey Chapman, PhD, MDiv, STM
Ruth Fetter 2019 Angela Bermúdez-Millán, PhD, MPH
Gian Grant 2019 Jane A. Ungemack, DrPH
Claire Hill 2019 Zita Lazzarini, JD,  MPH
Odia Kane 2019 Stacey Brown, PhD
Miriam Katz 2019 Helen Swede, PhD
Tiffani-Amber Miller 2019 Jane A. Ungemack, DrPH
Megan Murray 2019 Jennifer Cavallari, ScD
Lindsay Phaneuf 2019 Bonnie McRee, PhD, MPH
Veronica Schmidt 2019 Jane A. Ungemack, DrPH
Victoria Stoj 2019 Jane A. Ungemack, DrPH
Camisha Vilme 2019 Judy Lewis, MPhil