Vision, Mission, Values

Our Vision

The UConn Graduate Program in Applied Public Health Sciences is an integral contributor to the effort to make Connecticut residents among the healthiest, most productive and satisfied of Americans.

Our Mission

To offer an exemplary academic environment that prepares interprofessional learners to achieve high standards of public health practice.

Our Values

As members of the public health community, we prioritize:

  • Population centric – putting public concerns and needs above persons or careers
  • Evidence-based – utilizing the best available information to inform decisions and actions
  • Social justice – believing that wellness is a public good and fundamental right of all
  • Engagement – fostering reciprocal and equitable partnerships among stakeholders to share responsibilities for public health efforts
  • Teamwork – functioning across disciplines in order to achieve integrated, cohesive approaches to population concerns
  • Advocacy – increasing awareness and support for a robust, comprehensive public health agenda
  • Resolve – preparing life-long learners to address current and emerging public health challenges
  • Integrity – promoting high standards of objectivity and accountability in work and interpersonal relationships
  • Respect – incorporating differing beliefs, cultures and practices into all program activities