FastTrack Master of Public Health – Program for UConn Undergraduates


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What is FastTrack?

The UConn Master of Public Health (MPH) program offers a FastTrack (4+1 B.A./B.S.-M.P.H.) option for qualified UConn undergraduate students to complete their bachelor’s degrees (B.A./B.S.) in any UConn-approved discipline and their MPH degree within 5 years of their initial matriculation as undergraduates.

Why choose FastTrack?

If you have a strong interest in working in the growing field of public health in areas such as health promotion, epidemiology of infectious or chronic diseases, environmental health, biostatistics, or health administration, the FastTrack program could be an excellent match for you!

FastTrack students earn their MPH in roughly half the time and at two-thirds the cost of those who start after graduation. Become part of a nationally-accredited graduate program recognized for its innovative curriculum, and join more than 1,000 UConn MPH graduates making significant contributions to local, national, and international health.

Through the FastTrack program, you’ll gain knowledge and experience in:

  • Social and environmental determinants of health
  • Techniques for collecting and analyzing data to improve the health of communities
  • Designing and evaluating of interventions to reduce risks and promote health within communities
  • Advocacy for and with communities on social policies to enhance community well-being
  • Support of health partners and other stakeholders tackling complex health concerns


As an undergraduate, you will complete four graduate courses while completing your major.

  • PUBH 5408 Introduction to Epidemiology and Biostatistics I
  • PUBH 5409 Introduction to Epidemiology and Biostatistics II
  • PUBH 5411 Principles of Interprofessional Public Health Practice
  • PUBH 5431 Public Health Research Methods

After graduation, FastTrack students complete an additional 30 credits to earn their MPH degree.

Electives (3-5 courses; 9-15 credits)

Upon successfully completing foundational courses, students devise specialized plans to study around themes such as Law and Policy, Administration, Occupational/Environmental Health, Epidemiology, and Applied Public Health Practice.

How to Apply?

The FastTrack program is intended for UConn students who have maintained a strong academic record (a minimum 3.25 GPA through 4 semesters of college), have a personal background with experiences that are relevant to the practice of public health, and are committed to improving the health of the community.

To be considered, your application should include:

  • A personal statement that summarizes your career plans and what has influenced your decision
  • Your experiences to date with public health and community service
  • Honors/awards/recognition for work completed in public health or community service
  • A self-assessment of your academic and interpersonal strengths and weaknesses

Submit the application at FastTrack application by April 1.

See Instructions on how to apply

FastTrack Application


Address all inquiries to or call 860-679-1510.