Teresa Allen


Degrees: B.A. Transylvania University (1982), M.D. University of Louisville Medical School (1988)

Goals:  I hope to do a residency in occupational medicine.

Advisor:  Zita Lazzarini, JD, MPH

My name is Teresa Allen, and I am a physician. I graduated from medical school in 1988. I then did my residency in Family Medicine for 3 years. I worked in the Emergency Department for 13-14 years. I also did many medical assignments on Indian Reservations in Nevada, Arizona and South Dakota. This actually began my interest in public health. For the last 13 years, I have worked in occupational medicine and my ultimate goal is to become board certified in occupational medicine for which I need a MPH degree. To date, I have already attained the certificate in Foundations of Public Health in May 2019.

I am an avid traveler.

Teresa Allen
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