Sadia Alam


Degrees: B.A. Chemistry, Western Connecticut State University (2017)

Goals:  My career goal is complete my MPH and become a physician. Also, help underserved communities in Bangladesh.

Advisor:  Helen Swede, PhD

My drive to pursue my career in public health does not come only from the experiences I have had, but also from the little girl who watched others in her village in Bangladesh grow ill from ailments that could have been easily cured by a medicine that they had little to no access to. I have a passion to work in communities with health disparities and the relationship at the community and organization level. I have had experience working as a medical scribe and a CNA, after which I knew with absolute certainty that I desire to work in that environment. As a medical scribe, at the Emergency Department, I was constantly fascinated with the number of unique cases that come into the ED.

I enjoy biking and exploring different types of food.

Sadia Alam
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