Emily Bludnicki


Practicum site: North Central Regional Mental Health Board (now Amplify, Inc.) in Hartford (2019)

Project description: My project was an assessment of accidental opioid-related deaths in 17 towns of north-central Connecticut. Using data from CT Data Collaborative, I was able to identify who is overdosing, the drugs involved in overdoses, what locations and settings overdoses occur, and who the stakeholders are, and what resources are available to address opioid overdose issues. This research was done as a part of Connecticut’s State Opioid Response (SOR) Grant initiative. I had the opportunity to attend several Alcohol and Drug Policy Council (ADPC) meetings, which provided valuable insight into current legislation surrounding the opioid crisis. Being able to listen to representatives from advocacy groups and other stakeholders involved in the mission to combat opioid addiction was truly an incredible experience.

Some advice for future students…I would advise students to be open to all Practicum opportunities. My project was not what I expected it to be, in the sense that it allowed me to experience a prominent public health problem at the forefront by hearing from individuals in recovery, and learning more about the crisis as it relates to several cities in Connecticut. Pick a project you might not have much background in- you may be surprised where it leads you!

Emily Bludnicki
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