Winter Donation Drive

It is that time of the year, the time when those who go without need more help.  It is COLD, and too cold for those who are homeless.  As representatives of the Department of Public Health Sciences and The Program in Applied Public Health Sciences, it is now a time when we can continue to show our ability to give to those in need.  We will be taking donations and collecting them in the main reception area of 195 Farmington Ave., Suite 2100.  Our first drop- off will be on 12/6, and the second on 12/21, to Officer Barrett, who has a distribution area by the Hartford Library where he hands out needed items to the homeless in the downtown Hartford area.  We will then continue to do drop-offs to Officer Barrett and other local shelters as we accumulate items throughout the winter season.  For the first round, we would like to concentrate on warm clothing, blankets, etc. if possible.  Of course, we will accept items from the other categories as well.  We want to get people warm.  The colder weather is here and the coldest weather is right around the corner.

We are requesting the following items:

  • Warm clothing such as coats, long underwear, gloves, scarves, and thermal socks.  If able get items that repel moisture.
  • Blankets, quilts, and tarps
  • Hand and foot warmers
  • water bottles
  • Non-perishable food items.  Ideas below.
  • Miniature hygiene items and toiletries.  Ideas below.
  • Sturdy warm winter shoes
  • Donating money is also an option and we will backfill what is needed or put toward bus day passes.

Nonperishable food items:

  • water
  • pouched baby food
  • HEALTHY toddler geared snacks
  • Pouched chicken, tuna, salmon or lift top cans
  • powdered milk
  • nuts
  • Protein bars, nutrition bars, granola bars
  • apple sauce
  • pouched soups, stews, chili or lift top cans
  • Ensure/Boost

Toiletries and Misc.:

  • diapers
  • baby wipes/wipes
  • feminine hygiene products (tampons, pads)
  • toilet paper
  • deodorant
  • shampoo/conditioner
  • soap
  • hand sanitizer
  • toothpaste
  • toothbrushes
  • antibiotic creams
  • Bengay
  • Tylenol for children
  • Tylenol adult strength
  • Chapstick, lip balm, etc.
  • Clorox wipes
  • sun screen

If you have more questions, please email: PARRIS@UCHC.EDU or call 860-679-5470